Program  Educational Objectives


After the completion of course :-

1.Graduate will excel in technical education and research in electronics      engineering.

2. Graduate will be competent with fundamentals of mathematics, basic science and          electronic engineering.

3. Graduate will be enabled to innovate , design and develop  new electronic   systems.

4.Graduate will cultivate professional and ethical approach, effective communication and team work.

5.Graduate  will be provided  with an excellent academic environment for life - long learning.



Program Outcomes :

  1.Graduate will demonstrate knowledge of Mathematics, Science &    Engineering.

  2.Graduate will be able to identify, formulate and solve electronics engineering  problems. 

  3.Graduate will  be enabled to design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret the data.

  4.Graduate will acquire skill to design electronic systems as per needs and  specifications.

  5.Graduate will design and implement hardware of the  electronic systems

  6.Graduate will have abilities to use advanced software to design & analyz electronic systems.

  7.Graduate will be aware of his professional and ethical responsibilities.

  8.Graduate will be able to effectively communicate in global environment scenario.

  9.Graduate will develop confidence for life-long learning in new development in engineering

        and technology.

  10.Graduate will be able to design and develop network based communication systems.

  11.Graduate will be able to function on multidisciplinary work..

  12.Graduate will be aware of the impact of technology on environment.